Super speed Plastic mixing machine for PVC/PE/PP/EVA made in china

First, the main purpose of PVC plastic mixing unit:
PVC plastic mixing unit is used for the mixing, mixing and coloring of materials in industries such as plastics, rubber, daily chemicals, etc. It is an ideal equipment for the production of plastic sheets, pipes, profiles and degradable plastics.
Second, the characteristics of PVC plastic mixing unit:
The PVC plastic mixing unit is developed by introducing advanced technology of digestion and absorption. The mixture material adopts the principle of negative pressure mixing. Electrical instruments are all imported brand-name electrical appliances, and can be controlled by PLC program or computer. It has a high degree of automation, fast mixing speed, and can adopt variable frequency speed control. Its blades are precision stainless steel pressure casting, and pass the static and dynamic balance test. In particular, the cooler paddle adopts foreign advanced spiral stirring structure, the entire container has no dead corners, fast cooling speed, clean discharge, and the mixing effect has reached foreign advanced levels.

  1. Concave-convex double-channel sealing method is adopted between the container lid and the container. Compared with the traditional single-channel flat seal, the sealing effect is better.
  2. The main shaft seal is a three-layer skeleton oil seal made of imported durable rubber and has an oil injection device, which has a good sealing effect and a long service life.
  3. The discharge valve uses a plunger-type material door block. The inner surface of the door block closely matches the inner wall of the container, and there is no dead zone for mixing, so that the materials are evenly mixed. The material door block adopts the end face sealing method to ensure reliable sealing. The temperature measurement point is set in the container, which is in direct contact with the material, and the temperature measurement is accurate. Refrigerator blades use large-inclined blades to force the material to rise along the inner wall of the container and fall back through the cooling jacket to achieve the purpose of cooling.
  4. The container wall is provided with a cooling interlayer. The cooling interlayer uses a spiral water channel to make the cooling water flow according to the set route. Uniform cooling, fast cooling speed and good cooling effect. The container is provided with an inverted cone-shaped inner cooling jacket, which increases the cooling area and accelerates the cooling speed.
  5. The introduction of foreign speed reduction technology in the cold machine uses a direct speed reduction device, which overcomes all the disadvantages caused by the use of the speed reducer and makes its operation more stable. The lid of the refrigerator container is provided with an exhaust device, which fully excludes the gas generated during the cooling process of the hot mixture and improves the product quality.
  6. The inner wall of the container of this unit is made of stainless steel plate, which increases the service life of the equipment.
  7. The electrical control system is temperature and time dual control. Other components are made by well-known enterprise products to make their performance reliable and more sensitive to ensure the performance of the whole machine.


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