Plastic crushing milling machine made in china

High-performance PVC crushing milling machine is our company’s technical guidance from German experts, widely used for plastic steel, steel sawdust, gusset plate, foam board, small white tube, big tube, trademark paper, transparent sheet and other products.

Fully automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic dust removal, automatic weighing, one-button start control system, eliminating manual operation, no dust, power saving, environmental protection, one person watching multiple machines, reducing gray hair material per ton of material 15 kg , can be milled (PVC small white tube, plastic steel profiles, gray board, gray tube, decorative gusset and other PVC hard materials) high output, high-tech! The PVC environmentally-friendly mill has been continuously updated and used, and it has been in use ever since. The model has evolved from the original ZHJX–500 model to the ZHJX-600ZHJX-800 model. The structural method has been greatly improved. The output of plastic mills is also increasing, and the fineness has also been adjusted from the previous fixed number to the current one. Mill can be divided into PVC mill, steel sawdust mill, plastic profile mill, trademark paper mill, foam board special mill, PVC pipe, sheet, profile mill, new automatic mill Powder machine, wood plastic mill, stone plastic mill, transparent sheet mill, plastic steel door and window mill, PVC label paper mill, new energy-saving mill and other types.

Full intelligent computer PLC master control, automatic feeding system, automatic weighing, high coefficient, good operation, fast production speed, thickness can be adjusted according to needs, eliminating the laborious operation procedures, the loss is as low as 1%, saving you Unnecessary waste! Model: ZHJX-600, special grinding machine for plastic steel. Features: environmental protection standards, no dust emissions, low noise, 30% less electricity than similar mills on the market, 40% higher than similar products. Advantages: no dust, low noise, large output, fast speed, energy saving, environmental protection, automatic, saving labor, automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic dust removal, automatic weighing, computer one-button start operating system, is currently Domestic mill machine products, speak with quality….

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