How to choose plastic pellet granule making machine

Plastic granulation is a process of plastic machining. In the process of plastic granulation, according to the performance and practice of the machine, mastering the skills, can continuously improve the quality and process of plastic products. The screw and barrel of the granulating extruder are all designed with advanced “building block”. The screw is made up of various types of screw blocks set on the mandrel. The inner bushing in the cylinder can be different according to the screw block. Adjustment, so as to flexibly combine the ideal thread element structure according to the material requirements and other process requirements, to achieve various processes such as material transportation, plasticization, refinement, shearing, exhausting, building pressure and extrusion, so that it is better The solution solves the contradiction between the so-called screw versatility and speciality which is generally difficult to balance, and achieves the purpose of multi-purpose and multi-purpose.

The main component of the granulator extruder is the plastic extruder, which consists of an extrusion system, a transmission system and a heating and cooling system. The extrusion system includes a screw, barrel, hopper, handpiece and mold. The machine head is divided into a bevel head and a right angle head, which are divided according to the flow direction of the material of the head and the angle of the center line of the screw. The bolt fixes the outer casing of the machine head on the fuselage. The mold in the machine head has a core sitting and is fixed by a nut at the inlet port of the machine head. The core of the core seat is equipped with a core, and the core wire passes through the core. And the hole in the center of the core seat; and in order to balance the pressure, a pressure equalizing ring is also arranged at the front of the head. Its main role is to change the movement of the plastic melt, transforming the non-stop rotary motion into parallel linear motion, then into the mold sleeve, and forming the pressure on the plastic.

The plastic granulator is equipped with different machine configurations according to the special screw design, which can be used to produce a variety of plastics for regeneration and color mixing granulation. However, plastic granulators are mainly used to process waste plastic film, such as industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, beer packaging, handbags, etc., woven bags, agricultural convenience bags, pots, barrels, beverage bottles, furniture, daily Supplies, etc., most of the common waste plastics can be manufactured. It is the most widely used and most widely used plastic recycling machinery in the plastic waste recycling industry.

The main features of the plastic granulator are that all the recycled waste after sorting and crushing and cleaning can be produced without drying or drying and drying; the whole process includes raw material crushing, cleaning, feeding and pelletizing are all automated. ; has automatic heating production function; screw barrel is durable.
In order to ensure the normal operation and extended life of the equipment, reduce the maintenance cost and improve the production efficiency, the equipment operation and equipment maintenance must be standardized in production and use. However, the plastic granulator will continue to use more or less, so it is necessary to pay more attention to timely discovery. For example, the screw runs normally, but does not discharge; the main machine does not rotate or stops instantaneously; the vent hole is priming; the main motor rotates, but the screw does not rotate. It must be solved in time to avoid delays in the operation and production of the production line.

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