The PVC compounding system is the front part of the PVC production line. It is one of the keys to the long-term stable production of the production line. The degree of automation of the compound determines the degree of automation of the entire production line. The automatic PVC compounding system usually consists of the following It consists of several subsystems: material collection system, material conveying system, metering and batching system, mixing unit, material storage system, extruder feeding system, dust removal system: central control system, central monitoring system, etc.

  1. Material collection system: The material collection system is used to collect bulk or bagged raw materials to the storage bin in various ways. Bulk materials can be sent directly to the storage bin through the pneumatic conveying device provided on the tank truck. Bag stand to collect.
  2. Material conveying system: The conveying of materials is the key to the automation of the compounding production line. In the PVC automatic compounding system, the conveying system occupies a large proportion: including the raw material conveying from the bag opening station to the excess bin above the batching scale. The conveyance of finished products from the mixer to the finished product bin. The conveyance of finished products from the finished product bin to the extruder. There are mainly two forms of application here: screw conveying and pneumatic conveying. Pneumatic conveying can be based on Several methods such as positive dilute phase pressure, negative dilute phase pressure, and positive positive phase pressure are selected on the site.
    3. Weighing and batching unit: Normally consists of two sets of independent subsystems. One set of main material weighing and batching system and one set of auxiliary material weighing and batching system. Each set of batching system consists of the loading bin of each material. The corresponding screw conveyor It consists of several parts such as a batching scale.
    The rated value of the main material scale is large. It is suitable for the main material with a high proportion of the weighing. The rated value of the auxiliary material scale is small. It is suitable for the material with a small proportion of the scale. This design helps improve the accuracy of the batching.
    The loading bin needs to be designed according to different materials. Generally, it includes a dust collector at the top of the bin, and a high and low level gauge is installed on the bin wall. The material discharge port of the good fluidity uses a cone-shaped natural blanking. When the fluidity is poor, an electric motor can be added to the outer wall. Or pneumatic tank wall vibrator. It can also install air-assisted cushions on the inner wall or apply special material coating to promote the smooth flow of materials. For particularly easy-to-bond materials, the silo can be designed as a flat bottom. Forced feeding is implemented.
    4. Mixing equipment High and cold mixing units are suitable for PVC mixing process. High-speed cold mixing unit is a combination of a high-speed mixer and a horizontal cooling mixer.
    The high-speed mixer is equipped with 3 stirring paddles, deflectors, etc. The materials are subject to complex movements such as high-speed rotation and turning. The temperature rises rapidly. It meets the material mixing process requirements. Then it enters the horizontal cooling mixer. The low-speed operation of the stirring blade and the heat exchange of the water cooling system make the material quickly cool down and meet the production process requirements.
  3. Material storage equipment Material storage equipment mainly refers to the various silos used for storage of raw materials and finished materials. The effective volume of the PVC raw material storage silo is designed to be 150m3. The materials in contact with the materials are 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel. The inner surface is polished. The outer surface is pickled bluntly It consists of a warehouse body, a warehouse top dust collector, a steel ladder, a protective fence, a decompression cap, a gate door and other components. It can be automatically controlled in and out by a set level gauge, and has a beautiful appearance. Structure Features such as firmness, wind resistance, etc. In order to ensure the qualified rate of pipe forming, the volume of the finished product bin should be considered to have a certain amount of wealth. Generally, it should not be less than 12 hours. In addition, the finished product bin is designed with a homogenized structure to ensure that the material does not segregate Layered.
  4. The dust removal system is different according to the use occasion. The types of dust collectors are different. It is recommended that the filter material of the dust collector be selected from imported coating materials. The diameter of the filter element is less than 0.5 microns. Need to be replaced.
  5. Electrical system The electrical control system connects the entire set of equipment. It is the guarantee of long-term stable operation of the mixing line. The electrical control system designed by the company includes a field operation cabinet and a central control system.
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